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The Essentials Airsoft Face Protection

The Essentials Airsoft Face Protection

When presented with a challenge sometimes the best solution is one that doesn't exist yet. This was the catalyst for this face protection design. I was in need of something that would save my mouth and nose but the requirements didn't end there. The mask needed to be minimal to allow for down sight aiming. It had to be comfortable, breathable, stylish and easy to mount. All these goals were achieved in a surprisingly small and extremely light package. 


If you have tried any airsoft mask you know there are always compromises and the biggest one is comfort, both in how the mask feels on your face and how it changes the way you use it when interfacing with an airsoft replica. Metal or plastic mesh mask are designed to prevent BB strikes through sheer resistance and so they bulky and stiff which makes it awkward to aim down sights. To avoid this the BEM Essentials Face Protection is made of flexible rubber, designed to absorb and distribute the energy of an incoming BB. It sits tight around the contour of the user's face and allows for snag free, tilt free, compromise free aiming down sights, just rest your cheek on the stock like you would without the mask and aim freely, no need for risers or for tilting your head 45 degrees.  


When it comes to breathability this mask is hard to beat, with large (but not large enough for a 6mm BB) holes in front of an elongated mouth pop out, the mask allows for massive amounts of fresh air. The nose section is also a large channel for air to exhaust, it is protected from all sides and directs the air downwards away from the goggles. Additionally, heat and breath air can vent out the sides. All these outlets prevent the fogging of goggles and further enhance the airsoft experience.


Lastly the mask had to be easy to attach and had to stay in place. The usual solution is to add straps and I hated that option. The goggles on your face already have a strap that keeps them firmly attached to your head, with that in mind I devised a system that allows for quick attaching and detaching. Included are 3 sets of "dumbbells" these are stretchable and come in 3 sizes. You simply put on end through the button hole opening on the mask and the other through a mesh like portion on the underside of the goggles (ESS Profiles, Revision Desert Locusts). The rubber "dumbbells" pull the mask up to the goggles but allow it to stretch and bend as needed. Because the mask and goggles now become one the mask never slides down and prevents gaps from forming, it also takes any pressure off it resting on your nose. With this setup you will never leave your mask behind and have a bad day as they are always attached but can be moved to any other large style compatible goggle. 


We called the face protection "The Essentials" as that is the goal, protect the most vulnerable parts of the face, mouth, nose and cheeks that hurt the most when hit. This mask is not designed to be the ultimate BB avoider but it will keep you looking and feeling cool, fog free and for the most part you will forget you are even wearing it, which is the ultimate goal. 


*Mask only, does not include goggles but we highly recommend the ESS Profile Goggle System