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Door Silencer Strike Plate - Flexible, Noise Eliminating Solution for Loud Doors

Door Silencer Strike Plate - Flexible, Noise Eliminating Solution for Loud Doors

  • Nearly Eliminates All Noise of a Closing Door
  • Retains Ability to Latch and Lock Door
  • Absorbs Force of Door With Flexible and Durable Construction
  • Installs One to One On Existing Doors with No Modifications
  • Flexible Ramps Catch The Bolt and Prevent Knocking
  • Adds a Touch of Class to Loud Clingy Doors
  • Slam Backstop Prevents Door Frame From Banging Into Door Jamb
  • Keeps The House Quiet, Great For Sleepers


The door latch strike plate has gone unchanged for over 80 years. It gets the job done but can it be made better? That's what I thought as I was awakened one morning by a slamming door and the Door Silencer was born.


The Door Silencer follows the same principle as a traditional strike plate found on almost every interior door in your house but it one ups it at every step. As the bolt of the door makes first contact with the plate it's a metal on metal clash but not the Door Silencer. Made of noise dampening flexible elastic our design absorbs and deadens the strike. The bolt then rides over a soft surface that doesn't make a scratchy metal sound until it is released into the bolt opening.


Here again we thought it through. Instead of a vast opening for the bolt to unload its pent up spring energy and make another noise, our design ramps down the bolt and at the same time a second flap slows down the descent, almost pinching the bolt as it lowers into the opening.


However we are not done yet, a lot of noise from closing the door comes when the door slams into the door jamb. Here we added a Slam Backstop that adds a pad between the door and the door jamb gently bringing the door to a close.

All combined we have re-tuned the sound a door makes when it closes. It now sounds closer to a luxury automobile door rather than a trash can lid being slammed. And all of this comes at no loss of features. The door can still be latched and locked as per usual and the Door Silencer installs right into your existing door jamb but we also include our own color matched metal screws if you want the strike plate to be both silent and invisible. 


Soundproof your house, enjoy better sleep, calmer days and a better life. Open the door into the 21st century and silently shut one on the clunky metal noise of days past.

  • Fitment

    Door Silencer Strike Plate fits existing strike plates measuring 2-1/4" vertically with the screw holes being 1-5/8" apart on center. Door jamb depth is 1-7/16"