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Sun Visor License Plate Mount (Universal Fit)

Sun Visor License Plate Mount (Universal Fit)

A team of designers spent thousands of man hours designing the front of your car to look its best then as an afterthought a license plate is added. It never makes the car look better but it is a necessity in many states. Well now you can have a front facing plate that does not take away from the style of the car but utilizes the sun visor. Coincidently most sun visors are about the same shape as a North American license plate so why not use that back side of it that is typically filled with ugly airbag warnings to proudly display your plate.


Our design is one of a kind original solution, no suction cups, no alterations, no tool 5 minute install. 

Two identical adjustable claws fit into the four bolt openings on the plate. Each claw can move independently to accommodate for different vertical widths of the visors from 4.5" (12cm) at its most condensed configuration all the way up to 8.75" (22cm). The plate can also be moved up and down in respect to the visor to allow the visor to keep all its functions and clear any obstructions on the windshield. Once the position is set just tighten the four included T-nuts and the plate will stay put in the exact setting. 


The mount is made of durable and flexible nylon, with soft rounded edges, to allow fitment of various thickness visors. Removal is just as quick and easy as the install. Additionally the four hooks facing the inside of the cabin can be used to store documents or hang small items like a mask or lanyard.


 Keep your front end looking clean and your plate away from the elements and bugs. Pairs well with our License Plate Rubber Frame for a super clean look. 

  • Tips

    Before tightening be sure the visor can still flip up and down without putting any pressure on the roof liner. Also test the vanity mirror to make sure it is not obstructed by the hooks.

  • Disclaimer

    Check your local laws regarding displaying the license plate inside the vehicle.