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100mm Shaft Extension for Fanatec CSL DD Wheel Bases

100mm Shaft Extension for Fanatec CSL DD Wheel Bases

If you have the need to add more length to your Fanatec sim racing setup now you can. Maybe you want to have your monitors sit between the base and the wheel for a clear view of the dash, maybe you need to have the wheel closer to you or the base further away because of your body ergonomics or rig limitations. I designed this because I wanted to add a physical dashboard between the base and the rim and sink the base into my desk. Whatever your idea is, this is the solution.

This extension adds 100mm / 4" to the shaft of the Fanatec CSL DD bases. Installation is a snap. Just loosen the U shaped locking ring that comes with the stock base (not a great one at that). Pop off the silver bit that the wheel attaches to. Next insert the extension into the opening at the base along with the locking ring, either the stock Fanatec one or the enhanced dual bolt option that we offer. After that connect the silver bit into the extension. Add your rim, turn on the base and make sure you have a good connection throughout the whole setup. Once everything is good to go tighten the four M6 allen screws and get to racing.

The extension is CNC'd 6061 Aluminum, bead blasted and finished in Anodized Black color which perfectly matches the existing Fanatec base. 

  • Tips

    Fit everything gently with the wheel connected to the original silver QD Fanatec connector, once the wheel is responding correctly (button inputs) tighten the 4 bolts.

  • Disclaimer

    This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Fanatec