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Camp Speaker Drawer For Rivian R1T/R1S

Camp Speaker Drawer For Rivian R1T/R1S

Rivian came up with an awesome feature for the R1T and R1S, the camp speaker. It's always ready to go to the beach and pump out the jams but in reality how often do you use it. I used mine about twice in a year so I figured there is better use for the cavity. The BrainExploder Camp Speaker Drawer Replacement fits directly in the old spot, a tight squeeze and snap around the locking mechanism keeps the drawer from moving one bit but when you need to use it just pull on the oversized handle and the drawer will slide out to full extension. Locking tension can be adjusted from two rubber stoppers to one to none depending how much resistance you want on the pull.


Installation takes 30 seconds. Unlock the camp speaker (usually unlocked when parked). Pull it out, then simply slide our drawer right in place until the front face lines up with the side walls. All done. Makes for a great waste bin, which can be removed without having to remove the mechanism for the drawer. Lift on the front and tilt it back, throw away the mess, wash it if needed and drop it right back in, maybe we will add new drawer options in the future but don't worry you will be able to just swap them right in.  You can swap the drawer for the speaker any time you want by simply pulling it fully out past the normal open stage. 


The drawer is professionally 3D printed out of super detailed resin and shows very little of the 3D printing artifacts (see photos). The hardware is color matched steel and provides a smooth glide. 

  • Included:

    (1) Drawer Slide Mechanism

    (1) Insert Tray

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    This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Rivian Automotive, LLC.