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Q: Where are you located and where do you ship?

A: We ship worldwide from California (USA).  All orders ship via USPS first class mail usually within a day or two of ordering. Once your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.  

Q: How do you handle personal information?

A: We only collect data that is provided to us by the customer, information needed to ship the item and for communicating the status of the order and future follow ups. The website host may additionally collect non personal data for analytical purposes. We never share or sell your personal information.  

Q: I saw a mount used by BrainExploder not available on your website

A: Anything that is not here is typically available on the sister website


Q: How do I connect my camera via wifi to my phone?

A: Cameras are setup for one button recording meaning after you insert the battery and SD card and hit the big power button the camera will power on and begin recording {slow blue blink).


Give it 5 seconds and then tap the power button again it will turn solid blue. Now hit the smaller button once to enable wifi mode. Open the wifi settings on your device and find a network called RunCam, click it and type in "1234567890" as the default password and hit join.


After a successful connection open the free RunCam app available on Google Play and Apple App Store and find your camera model to connect to, from there you can change camera settings and see a live preview.

Q: I don't know which level zoom camera is right for me.
A: View this Video

Q: I'm afraid my lens will get shot out, what do you recommend?
A: Shot out lenses are very rare, but if you are worried about this, there are protective scope lens covers that you can mount in front of your camera which can be purchased anywhere rail accessories are sold. Example

Q: I use a Real Steel firearm.  Will your cameras hold up to the recoil?
A: Yes!  Our cameras have been used on handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and crossbows without any problems.

Q: Can the camera do this and that?

A. Check out the official manual for the RunCam2 and the RunCam2 4K variants.

Q: I have other questions, how can I contact you?



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