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Adjustable NVG Mount (GoPro Style)

Adjustable NVG Mount (GoPro Style)

The mount that revolutionized and standardized the way one mounts a GoPro to a helmet has evolved.

Next generation of the BrainExploder NVG Mount is here and driven by innovation and the ever expanding action camera market. This mount is designed to accommodate them all and allow for the custom needs of each user. 

What made the original mount so beloved by our customers was its ease of use and the repeatable angle it provided, no worries just swivel down the camera and tighten the thumb screw. Well we kept all that with the new and improved dual spring system and metal stability rod the mount is more rugged and secure. What really sets it apart is the adjustability. The user can change the angle of the arm almost a full 180 degrees of travel and to fine tune the angle the arm can extend and contract. Once the rear screw is tightened down the adjustability is locked down, now its back to the worry free operation of swiveling down the camera and tightening the front screw. We also offer an optional wrench to help really tighten it down.

Includes all the necessary hardware and comes completely assembled and tested. No more hunting for nuts and bolts.

Designed to accommodate all GoPro models including Hero 1-10 and GoPro Session but is compatible with most GoPro replicas as well as many other models that use the GoPro 3-prong mount system.

*Does not include camera

  • Tips

    On non replica (authentic) helmets be sure to remove/sand down the "L" shaped tabs on the back of the mount, otherwise it will not fit the shroud. 


    It is easier to insert the mount into the shroud spring side first, it is counter intuitive but first hook the lower spring part on the lower part of the shroud then with the added leverage push down on the spring and insert the top part. This method can also help with removing the mount out of the shroud.