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Dual Stripe Rear Vinyl Graphic for Rivian R1T

Dual Stripe Rear Vinyl Graphic for Rivian R1T

What can make an already one of a kind vehicle even more unique? How about some graphics. The Dual Stripe kit for the Rivian R1T highlights the bold and muscular rear end. The two parallel stripes slope at an angle that matches the flow of the rear door and the gear tunnel opening. Starting at the outer edge of the gear tunnel door and fitting perfectly between the fender curve and the flat body line at the top of the bed the graphics require no cutting or stretching. To apply the user only needs a squeegee, soapy water and a heat gun or hair dryer (optional). The vinyl we use has air release technology which helps prevent air bubbles and some of the colors come with a protective film which eliminates scratches during the install process.


Designed with longevity in mind the stripes have rounded edges to prevent snagging during washing and drying. The high quality vinyl is rated to last years outdoors and even has some self healing properties similar to paint protection film (PPF). But when it is time to change the look the vinyl peels right off with no permanent damage to the clearcoat. 


Kit includes 4 stripes (2 driver side and 2 passenger side), they are clearly labeled and include spacers that are temporarily applied in the opening between the stripes for a perfect, goof-free alignment.


Please see video for the detailed install instructions and check out our other 3 stripe gradient design.

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