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Rear Decklid Blackout Kit for Mustang Mach-E

Rear Decklid Blackout Kit for Mustang Mach-E

The Mustang Mach-E is a polarizing offering from Ford but it is a Mustang at heart. One of the distinct styling choices of a Mustang is the rear blackout bar between the taillights. Something the Mach-E lacks but not for long. Our 6 piece kit is engineered to wrap and extend the lines of the rear deck and connect the light cluster. This moderate difficulty install does not require the removal of any logos or taillights. When finished the car looks beefier and wider and more like the Mustangs of the 60's and today.


Installation requires a bit of patience. Clean the rear decklid with rubbing/isopropyl alcohol and a soft rag, be sure to get into the gaps, especially around the tail lights. Spray the surface with water mixed with just a drop of dish soap and apply the decals, the camera cut out on the top piece will help you align and center the graphic. Bottom pieces aligns and tucks under the GT/Pony logo. The soap and water will allow the decal to slide around freely for easier alignment. Once everything lines up press down with a squeegee on the flat areas and use your fingers around the more intricate parts, a tuck tool is highly recommended for getting the GT/Pony cutout tucked under the respective badges. After everything is initially tacked down let the sun do its work, simply allowing the decals to dry for a couple of days will help them adhere, relax and will dry out the edges which then can be gently rolled down anywhere there is overhang, a hair dryer or heat gun can be used to speed up this process (see the video above for a similar install). For the trapezoidal pieces that fill the gaps below the rear tail lights start by tucking in the top of the decal into the top gap, then align the bottom portion so it looks like it continues the line between the bottoms of the lights, squeegee everything down and work in the edges, a tucking tool greatly helps. These can be applied wet or dry.


The vinyl is automotive and "is expected to easily last 5-7 years outdoors" according to the manufacturer. It can be washed and is 3.9mils thick. Kit includes a 6 pc decal set which will blackout the whole rear end. You can also choose to only use the top piece for a more dynamic look or just the bottom for a similar inverted look.

  • Tips

    Be sure everything looks symmetrical as you are working around the decal, step back and reassess. Edges can take a few passes/days to properly tuck.

    Matte black (shown on the blue GT) is significantly easier to work with. Gloss black (shown on the white Select) better blends in with the gloss black tail lights and hides them but requires a bit more patience and can show scratches.

    The long trapezoidal piece that sits between the top and bottom portions is optional and can be used to fill the seam between the two after both are installed.