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Vinyl Decals for Mustang Mach-E 19” Wheels

Vinyl Decals for Mustang Mach-E 19” Wheels

The Mach-E is a modern take on the Mustang and our vinyl overlays take it to the next level. The silver accented wheels have a great shape to them but the silver is absent on the rest of the car. Adding the matte black vinyl decals deletes the silver and adds a much more modern look and stance to the car. 


Installation is very straightforward. Clean the wheels with rubbing/isopropyl alcohol and a soft rag, be sure to get into the gap between the rim and the tire. Spray the surface with water mixed with just a drop of dish soap and apply the decal over the silver. The soap and water will allow the decal to slide around freely for easier alignment. Once everything lines up press down with a squeegee on the flat areas and your fingers around the more intricate parts. After everything is initially tacked down let the sun do its work, simply allowing the decals to dry for a couple of days will help them adhere and will dry out the edges which then can be gently rolled down anywhere there is overhang, a hair dryer or heat gun can be used to speed up this process (see the video above for a similar install). Pay close attention to the overlapping decals, these will require extra heat and a little more work to tuck in. Repeat on the rest of the spokes by following the same steps. 


The vinyl is automotive and "is expected to easily last 5-7 years outdoors" according to the manufacturer. It can be washed and is 3.9mils thick. Kit includes a 24 pc decal set which is enough to cover all 4 wheels and we include 4 additional pieces for any future scuff, installation errors or printing misalignments. It also includes two sheets of transfer paper which can and should be used for all the pieces to be installed. 

  • Tips

    Start on the top most spoke, then drive the car forward or backwards so you are always working on the top spoke and not fighting gravity.


    Heat is your friend for the outer edge, it might take several passes/days in between as the vinyl conforms to the new shape.


    Be sure to remove vent spews (tire hairs) around the rim so they will not get in the way of the vinyl folding around the edge.