When telling a story the tools matter. A moment only happens once. Rest assured knowing your amazing sniper shot will be clear and crisp and  your head cam is in the perfect position to witness a clean sweep. Go into the night with confidence and comfort and record the experience. These tools are made by those who use them and we take pride in that.   

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BEM Field 4K - Zoom Camera (35mm)

BEM Field 4K - Zoom Camera (35mm)




Jet has one of the largest and most established airsoft followings on YouTube with more than 1 million subscribers. He can often be spotted sporting the Sniper and Field level RunCam2 units as well the the dual cam PEQ Box option.

Dayton of House Gamers Airsoft is everyone's favorite lighthearted player but don't let his easy going attitude overshadow his skill.

He uses the BEM 35mm Field Camera to capture his constant sniper rifle headshots or DMR gameplay. 

Christopher aka Swamp Sniper makes some of the most entertaining scope cam gameplays on YouTube and his current go to camera is the BEM Sniper (90mm) cam, for closer engagements he has been known to use the BEM Field (35mm) variant as well.

New video detailing my _kingarmstaiwan R93 build and gameplay is up on my YouTube channel. _Check it
Real Sword SVD back together now with a Prometheus Wide Bore and B-Hop seems to be much improved and
This weekend the #6mmknights reunite to do some train 🚂 nonsense if it’s anything like the _oplionc
This is a ridiculously good looking _actionsportgames 805 Bren from _chapter11airsoft kind of jealou
Coming soon the BEC Dual RunCam2 PEQ Box. Minimal, discreet and practical
New Real Sword SVD gameplay video going live on the Tube
spr hybrid to accommodate the _ggarmament Midnight Hawk Tracer and make_
Mid bolt. --------------------------------------------_BrainExploderCreations
#TBT to team _lancertactical at the _oplionclaws Tactical Challenge trying to bust into a 747 ✈️. Wo
Forgot my boots, still made the cover of Assassins’ Creed Milsim Edition
#Repost of (_bb_dynamics)_So small, so zoom. _bb_dynamics with the Sniper level zoom cam from BrainE
Have you guys seen the latest _novritsch sniper training vlog_ Using the 90mm Sniper Cam from BrainE
_taccityairsoft is building an outdoor field in Castaic CA and I think that's neato so there
You guys went nuts for this gun when I posted a pic of it with a short dot
Insurgent NVG Loadout from tonight’s no light game
Famas all dressed up with nowhere to go 🇫🇷. Ditched the built in bipod for a sling mount. This thi
Look at my guns and gears. __lancertactical hybrid I borrowed off _thelazerviper for this snap by _b
Business casual urban sniper loadout for today’s game
My assault sniper loadout at _oplionclaws Operation Devil Dog at K2. The two full gun setup works su
The Mobius Dual Camera PEQ style mount
New gameplay video is live on my YouTube channel 🎉🎉_Shot a while back at _wildlandsairsoftpark fea
Hey it’s me doing something.__airsoftms __lancertactical -------------------------------------------
From a couple months back at _warpedops with my buddy _rokarmaco doing some DMR things
Dope pic taken by _rokarmaco during a game at _warpedops he is a super chill dude and I was glad to
My dude _sg.airsoft 🇳🇱 rocking the BrainExploderCreations.com GoPro hat mount and the BrainExplode
Hey any more seats left on this train ride_ 🚂 __blab_photo snapping this pic after we moved him out
New gameplay video featuring the _actionsportgames AUG A3 XS Commando is live on my YouTube channel
Did a bit of sniping at the _desertfoxevents Battle For Lost Angels. It’s a new way to play and adds
New Real Sword SVD gameplay from _jungleisland_airsoft is up on my YouTube Channel give it L👀K
Back from an action packed day at _jungleisland_airsoft with my favorite up and coming YouTubers _st
Getting ready for the _projectn1 grand opening this Saturday. The _tokyo_marui M870 seems like a log
New gameplay video is live on my YouTube channel
Out-standing in the field with _cqbrussianairsoft he built his own HPA Barrett and I gave the SRS an
_rokarmaco you cray. _For some reason he wanted his cams in orange 🍊so we obliged this one time. At
_vegaforcecompany_usa SCAR-L is back up and running after I fixed the hopup issue
Swipe___ East vs West DMRs at _warpedops with my dude _rokarmaco. SVD shot really well with the B-ho
Dropping them hot action vids on you in the middle of the night. Check it on the tube, 7 likes and I
TM M14 is back up and running
_chapter11airsoft looking operator sporting the BrainExploderCreations
New M60 gameplay on my YouTube channel if you like seeing a swarm of BBs fly through a zoom cam you
From the box to the field, my take on the hot new _actionsportgames CZ 805 Bren check the video out
90mm Zoomed RunCam2s, like the one _theswampsniper is using on his newest DMR, are back in stock at
CRB gameplay at _oplionclaws Devil Dog at K2
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