Runcam Lite - Mid Range Zoom Camera

Runcam Lite - Mid Range Zoom Camera

Lightweight all-inclusive camera designed for airsoft or paintball.


Runcam's take on the scope camera is an all plastic 25mm lens package. Built on the most popular airsoft scope camera the RunCam2, RunCam Lite uses the same battery, controls and mobile app. The big advantage of this camera is that it is a complete package, built in picatinny rail mount and thumb screw. For whatever reason this camera is huge, relatively speaking, compared to the BEM mount and 16mm combo it is 35mms longer and 5mms taller which can make a big difference when rail space is limited but it is a viable option when space is not an issue and if one does not plan on often removing the camera.


Just like the RunCam2 this camera is capable of recording 1080p video at 60 frames per second and 720p video at 120 frames per second. It uses the same charging cable and can be externally powered for additional record time.

Scopecam features include:
  • 1080P recording at 60FPS or 720 at 120FPS
  • Quick Change Battery
  • Runcam app to remote control camera and adjust settings
  • Built in lens protector
  • Quick detach built in rail mount
  • Light Weight Polymer Body
  • Built In Picatinny Rail Mount

Not enough? We also offer additional batteries and SD cards as well as an array of other Zoom Camera models and mounts.
    SD Card
    BrainExploder Patch
    Extra Swappable Batteries
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