Black Friday Special Protect and Record

Black Friday Special Protect and Record

This Black Friday Deal is a combo designed to get you in the game and be pro about it. Combining our two most popular original designs you can get the perfect angle when you decide to record your gameplay and a perfect cheek weld and protection for your essentials. 


The Adjustable NVG GoPro Style mount can accommodate every GoPro made from the Session to the latest GoPro 10. Get the perfect angle and height, then lock it down and save your settings. The mount snaps into any Wilcox style NVG shroud, including FAST helmets, MICH, Team Wendy and MTEK.


The Essentials Face Protection does what the title states. It protects your essential bits, nose, mouth and cheek bones, the parts that hurt the most if shot by a BB. They mask locks into the vents on most popular large style goggles or can be fitted to the Helo kit on M Frame and Crossbow type low profile goggles. The mask is designed to give the user a perfect cheek weld and continuous air flow to eliminate fogging, most of the time you won't even know you are wearing it.


The two items combined are a $75 value but for our Black Friday only deal you can have both for only $50. Just add it to your cart and check out.