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BEM Scope Cam - Mid Range Zoom Camera

A specially designed action camera built specifically for airsoft use.

This camera comes with all of the standard accessories (battery, cradle, charging/data cable, instruction booklet).  It is also usable with the Runcam app which is convenient for remote start/stop in the field.  Not only does this camera support 1080P 60FPS filming like the rest of our cameras, but also comes with a number of new features specifically designed with airsoft in mind.

Scopecam features include:
  • 1080P recording at 60FPS or 720 at 120FPS
  • Image stabilization
  • Quick Change Battery
  • Runcam app to remote control camera and adjust settings
  • Built in tempered Gorilla Glass lens protector
  • Quick detach built in rail mount
  • Rotating lens to allow for vertical or horizontal filming options
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Added 25mm/30mm rail adapter

Not enough? We also offer additional batteries and SD cards as well as an array of other Zoom Camera models and mounts.
If you are looking to get 1080p video at 60 PFS for those slow mo shots out of a small portable camera, this is the solution.
    SD Card
    BrainExploder Patch
    Extra Swappable Batteries