BEM NVG Recording System

BEM NVG Recording System

Night Vision an amazing invention giving the user a feeling of invisibility and a massive advantage in any dark environment, recording night vision however has been a struggle, not anymore. Now you can can capture that stalky green footage without discomfort or visual interference. Our recording system is made to be minimal, self contained and high tech. Recording video at 4K resolution and 60 frames a second with the visual filling up entirety of the screen, the system (based on the RunCam2) has a quick change battery and one button recording. All the indicator lights have been dimmed and hidden to further lower the visual signature of the operator but can be easily inspected by the user to make sure the system is recording.


When you purchase this system you get a ready to go product. Simply attach it to your any unit that can accept an eyecup ring including the popular PVS14 or PVS7 units and many other variants and hit the only visible/tactile button to start recording, it really is that simple. The product works in either the left or right eye configuration, it can be externally charged or you can add extra quick change batteries to your order. All the cameras are focused prior to shipment but each can be fine tuned by the user without disassembly. This is a built in feature due to the nature of night vision and all the eye specific adjustments that can be made to the NVG goggle itself.


Many variation of the design were considered and this is the final version. Durability, reliability and comfort being the main concern. All those goals have been accomplished. The unit is a one piece design, no wires or external batteries to get tangled in, the rear glass is thick reducing the chance of any possible breakage and the back of the recording unit is slanted to follow the contours of the human face, this allows the user to run the system as close to their eye as possible and see the an uninterrupted large image he/she is used to. The viewing lens is clear and does not alter the color of the tube.


Other units on the market use the GoPro camera which is incredibly bulky and heavy coming in at 152g (5.4oz) for the just the camera and case (no mount).  Our entire system is only 78g (2.6oz) camera, battery, SD, lens, hardware and mount. Other options are essentially adapters for the GoPro while the BrainExploderMerch design is a ground up approach. The whole system was made to fit the needs of the user and be as unnoticeable as possible.


If you are considering this product you know how cool night vision is, this will allow you to share that feeling with others at an affordable price and with no discomfort to you.

Please make sure your goggle is compatible with the system.

*Unit attaches to an eye cup ring adapter sold separately (Ring Diameter 36mm/1.42")

*PVS 7 model requires the eyepiece with the recorder to be adjusted (slid) towards the center of the nose gap for the full circle effect when recording.

No permanent modifications required. Based on the RunCam2 camera. Does not include Night Vision Goggles, recording system only.