BEM Dual RunCam2 PEQ Rail Mount

BEM Dual RunCam2 PEQ Rail Mount

The PEQ Style Bundle is designed to house two RunCam2 cameras, one facing forward and one backwards at the operator allowing for simultaneous recording of both.

User can choose on the fly which side is dedicated to the selfie and which to the zoom camera. Simply drop in the camera and add the top cover. The PEQ style design can accommodate the Wide Angle, CQB or Field BEM cameras based on the RunCam2 and RC2 4K platforms. Additionally a zip tie loop allows the user to permanently secure the caps.

This bundle comes with two cameras. The first camera is a wide angle RunCam2 which makes for a perfect selfie camera sitting up high and a bit to the side. The second camera is a choice of either the BEM CQB level zoom cam (16mm) or the BEM Field Level zoom cam (35mm). We now offer 4K versions too, so you can upgrade both the selfie and Zoomcam to crisp 4K 60FPS

All the firmware has been updated to the latest and the cameras have been configured for one button recording. Included are the required cables and batteries to power the cameras right out of the box. Optionally the user can purchase extra batteries or SD cards.

The BEM PEQ setup is for anyone in the market for a full fledged recording setup with a discrete form factor. Adding cameras to your rig can now be fashionable. All cameras in black.