BEM 4K Field - Mid/Long Range Zoom Camera (RunCam4 35mm)

As the world moves forward this camera is the next logical step. Built for the quickly approaching 4K generation and equipped with a 35mm lens this is your next zoom camera. Added resolution mixed with classic RunCam features such as a quick change battery, wifi controls and our minimal mount you can now record at 4 times the resolution. Why would you want more resolution in the current 1080p world? In essence 4K gives you 2 times extra resolution and zoom by enlarging and cropping your footage you can always get in a little closer and track that shot a little better. If 60 frames per second is your main concern then the 2.5K resolution allows for the added zoom and retains that buttery smooth 60 FPS option from the RunCam2.


Our version of the camera has been configured for one button recording in 4K at 30FPS to take advantage of the new capabilities. It is also usable with the Runcam app which can be used for on the fly alignment as well as changing image settings, resolution and video playback.


Complete your purchase by adding a 32GB SD card and extra batteries for hours of recording. Be sure to add the BrainExploder Merch custom designed picatinny rail mount for a simple and the most minimal way to quickly attach these height tech cameras to your hight tech replicas or firearms. 


Runcam 4 features include:

  • 4K recording at 30FPS
  • 2.5K at 60FPS
  • 1080p at 100FPS
  • Quick Change Battery
  • Runcam app to remote control camera and adjust settings


How about a sweet 3" velcro BrainExploder Patch?  It's in there too.


Finally 4K comes in a small size to compliment the rest of your video equipment and to help you jump into the video producing future.


* RunCam4 is not compatible with RunCam2 mounts. Batteries are compatible. 

    SD Card
    BrainExploder Patch
    Extra Swappable Batteries
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