BEM Field - Mid Range Zoom Camera (35mm)

BEM Field - Mid Range Zoom Camera (35mm)

These cameras are designed on the wide angle Runcam 2 action camera. In some situations a tight zoom lens might be a better option such as a forward facing camera on an airsoft or paintball gun or on a drone looking for those up close shots.

The finished product is based on a genuine Runcam 2 camera and comes with all of the standard accessories (battery, cradle, charging/data cable, instruction booklet). Our Zoomed version has been modified to support a 35mm lens. Added IR filter insures proper daytime filming, the lens is focused and locked in place. All the firmware has been updated to the latest and the camera has been configured for one button recording in 1080p and 60FPS for smooth video or to capture slow mo shots. It is also usable with the Runcam app which is convenient for remote start/stop in the field.

Complete your purchase by adding a 32GB SD card for hours of recording. If mounting to a weapon replica or not add the custom BrainExploder Runcam picatinny low profile rail mount (optional) which includes the necessary hardware to mount it to your rail making this bundle a one stop shop.

Runcam 2 features include:
  • 1080P recording at 60FPS or 720 at 120FPS
  • Quick Change Battery
  • Free 25-30mm Rail Adapter
  • Runcam app to remote control camera and adjust settings

Not enough? How about a sweet 3" velcro BrainExploder Patch too?  It's in there too.
If you are looking to get 1080p video at 60 PFS for those slow mo shots out of a small portable camera, this is the solution.  Now in black.